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At Sakura, we are passionate about providing quality Financial Forecasts Services. It is our mission to offer you a clear budget and financial forecasts service that ensures there is a clear focus within the business of the expected target(s) for sales activity, margins, and profits at the start of the financial year.

Excellent Financial Forecasts Services offers these benefits:

  • The use of a budget increases the likelihood of monthly/annual sales targets being achieved
  • An understanding of how overhead costs were calculated in the budget, can support tight cost control over the 12 month period
  • Provides the opportunity for the business to achieve the budget, while managing issues during the year, through over delivery and/or cost management
  • Adds an annual routine for the business to review and re-set targets for short or medium term business growth

Why implement Sakura’s budget and forecast service

  • Good business practice means the creation of an annual budget for the business is hugely valuable
  • Creation of a ‘month by month’ budget, rather than simple annual budget, supports the inclusion of seasonal variations for the business
  • Provides an opportunity to set out changes to strategy for the next 12 months e.g. price rises, cost review(s), potential investment
  • Enables expected sales activity for the business (within the budget), to be communicated to sales or marketing teams from day one
  • Offers a key element of a monthly or quarterly management accounts review process for the business owner
  • Having a budget in place for the business can be useful when dealing with applications for credit facilities, submitting tenders or considering acquisitions/investments

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