At Sakura our aim is to provide a more ‘business focused’ alternative for ‘start up’ and small and medium sized (SME) businesses, to that usually offered by more ‘traditional’ accountants.

With business owners increasingly looking for advice from their accountant that can also impact on the more effective operation of their businesses, in addition to providing the usual compliance services, we also offer a range of more commercial and ‘value added’ solutions to our SME clients.

We have identified a number of key stages in the life cycle of a successful business including the Start Up and Early Stage, the Growth stage and an International stage, and we can directly support business (and business owners) at every stage.

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Start Ups and Early Stage Businesses

As a ‘start up’ or ‘early stage’ entrepreneur, being able to have some basic financial control in place and ensure that you are complying with the range of legal requirements that apply to your business is critical.

Whether dealing with the Companies Registration Office or Revenue Commissioners, or managing the preparation of accounts, corporation tax returns and payroll issues, we have a range or services and straightforward annual packages, that support the business and provide business owners with ‘peace of mind’.

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Growth and Growing SME Businesses

With a growing and fast developing business, servicing increasing numbers of clients, business transactions and day to day complexity, professionalising the business starts to become an important focus.
The expectation of your accountant’s role is likely to be around improving key business processes and internal systems, while also better analysing business activity as a means to improve margins and profitability, while also managing costs and cashflow. We can assist growing businesses of all sizes and types with our services, that also evolve as your business develops.

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Individuals, Self Assessment and Property

For individuals who are involved in a sole trader or self employed business activity, have property rental income or other types of taxable income, there will be a number of annual compliance and payment deadlines that require to be met for the Revenue.

Also with the advent of the Revenue Online Service (ROS), we are able to act as your agent, submit returns and arrange for direct payments on your behalf to simplify the whole compliance process.

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Where Irish businesses are at a point of considering international expansion, or have uncertainties with BREXIT on the horizon , our London based office will be able to support your business in a variety of ways.

Whether you require support with UK accountancy issues, local business advice or even introductions to other relevant professionals, please contact us for further information.

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