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Many businesses start to use cloud accountancy software without properly planning, setting up and configuring the software to the requirements and needs of their own business.

Without this initial planning and software setup work, the benefits of introducing Xero or Quickbooks will NOT materialise for the business, meaning that the same time and manual effort is required on maintaining business records, or significant correction and update of the software is required to ensure that it becomes ‘fit for purpose’.

Fail to Prepare then Prepare to Fail !

Moving from excel or another based accountancy software onto Xero or Quickbooks can bring BIG benefits for businesses, including:

Staff time and general administrative savings.

Improving the ability to analyse business activities.

Enables the business to take advantage of the ongoing development of Revenue’s online services.

Provides the opportunity to access more ‘real time’ key figures for your business.

Provides an opportunity to scale and make further automation improvements for growing businesses e.g. stock, staff expense claims, Supplier payment runs etc.

At Sakura, our setup and configuration service is suitable for:

‘start up’s and early stage businesses.

Businesses that want to move or ‘migrate’ their business activities from an existing accountancy software onto Xero or Quickbooks.

‘Existing’ businesses that require a system review and a ‘reboot’.

We ensure that the advantages of using Xero or Quickbooks are obtained from Day1 !


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