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Virtual Finance Director Services

At Sakura, we offer a tailored Virtual Finance Director service to meet your business requirements. As an SME grows and expands in terms of size, staff numbers and complexity of business activities, there will become a requirement to add a senior and experienced finance professional to the management team to take responsibility for issues involving the finance, IT and/or human resources issues.

Typically, outside of the core technical and financial responsibilities, the role primarily revolves around the following:

  • Building an effective internal finance team
  • Improving efficiency of financial reporting and detailed analysis of business activities
  • Embedding ‘best practice’ processes
  • Helping to identify (and manage) any risks likely to adversely impact the business
  • Continuously focusing on driving and improving financial performance
  • Providing additional credibility when dealing with Revenue, banks etc.
  • Responsibility for other projects whether business acquisitions, international expansion or preparing the business for future investment or exit.

For growing SME’s, this role may initially take the form of a part time role at a senior or board level, where the business only requires this at present, or alternatively and ahead of recruiting a full time role, it may be more sensible to ‘test’ the role through engaging a third party in the short term.

How do Sakura’s Virtual Finance Director services work?

Develop and Grow Your Business

With our Virtual Finance Director (VFD) service you get an experienced senior finance professional working with you, operating as a ‘virtual’ member of your business, for an agreed fixed monthly cost or retainer.

In this way, you get access to a senior financial resource to help transform business performance, but without the expense, time and risk involved with recruiting and employing a Finance Director (FD) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on a full time salary.

With typical senior finance roles for an SME requiring an annual salary of anything from €70,000 to €150,000, along with search and recruitment fees e.g. circa 25% of the starting salary, in addition to the management time involved in the whole process, our VFD service offers a cost effective and low risk way of initiating this change.

Part Time, Ad Hoc or Interim Role?

Our VFD service can take a number of forms, depending on your requirements including:

  • As an ongoing external advisory role of a few days per month
  • A much more involved role on a short or medium term basis
  • A purely interim role for SME’s looking to hire a permanent Finance Director

Contact us to find out more about our Virtual Finance Director Services. Or look at Sakura UK if you are looking outside of ireland.

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