We believe we are different to more ‘traditional’ accountancy practices, with our founder’s experience of working within small and medium sized businesses, therefore we aim to ‘add value’ by providing both practical and commercial solutions to our clients’ day to day issues


At Sakura we are passionate about working with SME’s with big ideas. Our experience tells us that SME’s are often better able to grow their businesses faster and control costs more tightly than larger enterprises, with the right advice in place.

We also enjoy working with interesting businesses, solving the problems that may hold them back, AND helping the business owners to sleep soundly at night !

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We use this term to refer to all of the basic regulatory requirements related to operating a limited company, both in terms of Revenue Commissioners and Companies Registration Office e.g. annual accounts, corporation tax returns, payroll, pension, VAT etc.

At the same time, this provides a basic financial platform for a business itself, ensuring that the business meets the various deadlines, minimises the administrative burden at the end of financial year and reduces the likelihood of any enquiries from Revenue.

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This term refers to those more commercial accountancy related issues e.g. regular bookkeeping, online accountancy software, budgets, management accounts, cashflow management etc., that tend to support better decision-making, better control and accelerated growth prospects.

Generally these tend to be the activities that many SME business owners tend to manage themselves, and relegate to the bottom of their ‘To do’ list, and therefore we highlight and advise our clients to consider the value of these activities to control, analyse and understand their business e.g. take advantage of business opportunities, plan for (and deliver) growth and manage costs or margins.

Additionally once they have considered the value of these activities to accelerate the growth of their business, then these can be outsourced to us as necessary.

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