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Continuing our series of highlighting some really useful (and generally little used by clients) functionality (or features) in Quickbooks or Xero!

We now highlight how Quickbooks accountancy software enables businesses to automate the issue of regular or ‘recurring’ invoices to customers e.g. for monthly retainers, short or medium project fees, annual contractual services etc., as well as how the payment of these invoices can also be automated – saving significant time and effort (and assisting with credit control)!

What do ‘Recurring Invoices’ do ?

The ‘Recurring Invoices’ feature in Quickbooks, enables the automation of regular invoices (of the
same amount) that are currently being manually issued to clients or customers e.g. retainer invoices,
support invoices etc.

The feature typically allows invoices to be issued at specified frequency e.g. weekly, bi monthly,
monthly, quarterly or annually etc. for a particular period of time !

How do I use it within Quickbooks?

Select the ‘Invoice’ option and specify the relevant customer.

Complete the invoice in the normal way with details such as ‘Description’, ‘Quantity’, ‘Value’,
‘Class/Location’ etc., and then select the ‘Enable Recurring Payments’ option

Then add in the ‘recurring’ criteria such as ‘frequency’, date of invoice’, and ‘timeframe(s)’ for
invoices to be issued to the customer etc.

See our summary of the feature below !

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