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As Employers begin to return towards a more ‘normal’ working environment over the Summer months, this will also result in more of their employees returning to the office or business premises – also meaning care needs to be taken to ensure COVID related actions do not impact on other employee rights…

It is vital to ensure your business recovery is being optimised!

As a minimum an Employer needs to have a COVID-19 Return to the Office Staff Policy in place to
cover issues that vary from risk assessments, mask policy, interactions with staff and customers,
testing and clarity on isolation where a ‘close contact’ of an infected individual etc.

However another area that Employers need to be aware of is the issue of ‘vaccinations’!

Recent advice from the Data Protection Commissioner has indicated that Employers DO NOT have
the right (nor is it deemed reasonable), to ask or record the vaccination status of their employee(s).

They need only follow the current health advice from the Government and the Health and Safety
Authority, which covers issues such as masks, ‘social distancing’, ventilation etc

See below for a key tip below for business recovery, along with details of the recently announced changes to Statutory sick pay!

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