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As SME businesses look ahead to ‘getting back to normal’ in the coming months of 2021, it is worth reminding business owners of the various COVID-19 focused grants available, as well as some existing grants and support available more generally, with NOW being a good time to review and consider some of these in more detail ahead of time!

There are a number of grants and other financial supports available to businesses in 2021 –
specifically related to COVID-19, while others are existing grants that are being promoted as part of
the plan to prepare business for ‘re opening’ later in 2021!


Key Manager/Part Time Key Manager Grant

The aim of this initiative (provided through Enterprise Ireland) is to provide partial funding towards the
cost of recruiting a Full Time or Part Time Key Manager with skills that are critical to the future
growth of the business.

The grant has been introduced in order to support companies to attract senior leadership talent,
whether on a fulltime or through more flexible working arrangements e.g. CFO / CTO /R&D Manager
etc. This individual/role must also be able to contribute to significant and measurable strategic
improvements in company productivity.

See our update below.

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