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Many businesses are now being contacted by Revenue in order to resolve any ‘overpayments’ received by them resulting from the grants provided in the early stages of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme. This is the result of the long trailed ‘reconciliation’ and although most ‘overpayments’ should not be substantial in value, Revenue are providing a number of payments options to avoid ‘overburdening’ businesses at what is still a difficult time for many businesses.

Almost 12 months on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Revenue are currently in the
process of contacting Employers who availed of the Government’s original Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme support
scheme – about overpayments related to that scheme which now require to be repaid !

The original scheme was introduced as an emergency support for Employers impacted by
COVID-19, and was operated in two phases –

  1. the ‘transitional’ phase – where a flat rate of €410 in subsidy was paid per employee,
    irrespective of their earnings
  2. the ‘operational’ phase – which ran from May to August 2020 where a subsidy was
    paid per employee, based on their average net weekly pay

See our details on the process below.

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