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Where your business may suffer a short term impact on trading activities, particularly where a ‘NO Deal’ scenario occurs, or where customs delays cause financial issues in the early months of 2021, ensuring that your BREXIT planning covers cashflow issues is KEY!

Therefore as part of any BREXIT Impact Assessment plan(s), businesses should already have
identified the potential risk to their cashflow, investigated their ability to access relevant grant funding
or short/medium term loan finance, where this may be required to manage the business post BREXIT.

Many Irish businesses have (or will) be able to obtain the necessary financial support from their bank
or other lenders, however where (typically smaller businesses), have not been able to secure the
finance necessary from their bank or lenders (for any number of reasons), then the
Business Loan via the Government and Microfinance Ireland, has the ability to support businesses
through this challenging period.

If you are struggling to obtain additional financial or working capital support from your bank or lenders, then the Government supported Business loan may be an option. See out summary of the scheme below.

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